Collecting data on race during COVID-19: Recommendations

Last week, evidence emerged from the US that COVID-19 outcomes may be associated with race. Our COVID-19 page provides more detail. Briefly, numerous jurisdictions reported that Black individuals were significantly over-represented in COVID-19 related deaths. Some very early data has been brought together by the CDC. This led to many people asking: Are the sameContinue reading “Collecting data on race during COVID-19: Recommendations”

Tools for upstream thinkers: 5 tips for effective policy briefs

by Madeleine Bondy, 2019 summer student at the Upstream Lab Too often researchers are not reaching out to those in government. As a young researcher and future physician, I’m curious about how to best influence the policies that impact the social determinants of health. Translating research into action is a key part of our workContinue reading “Tools for upstream thinkers: 5 tips for effective policy briefs”