Collecting data on race during COVID-19: Recommendations

Last week, evidence emerged from the US that COVID-19 outcomes may be associated with race. Our COVID-19 page provides more detail. Briefly, numerous jurisdictions reported that Black individuals were significantly over-represented in COVID-19 related deaths. Some very early data has been brought together by the CDC. This led to many people asking: Are the sameContinue reading “Collecting data on race during COVID-19: Recommendations”

Negative RCT of health care hotspotting in NEJM: What outcomes are important?

At the Upstream Lab, we’ve started up a regular journal club as part of our weekly meetings. We’ll be sharing a brief summary here on our blog. This week we looked at this study: Health care hotspotting – a randomized controlled trial (NEJM 2020; 382: 152-162). This was also the focus of discussion last weekContinue reading “Negative RCT of health care hotspotting in NEJM: What outcomes are important?”

“Swimming upstream” in primary care to address health disparities

By Andrew Pinto, director of The Upstream Lab Recently, I hosted a medical student in my family medicine clinic in downtown Toronto. She had heard me speak about the social determinants of health (SDoH), and wanted to see how I put these ideas into practice. As we reviewed the patients we’d see that day, weContinue reading ““Swimming upstream” in primary care to address health disparities”