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Conversations about issues and solutions impacting our health

Welcome to the Upstream Lab Podcast! Hosted by Dr. Andrew Pinto and the Upstream Lab team, each episode delves into important health issues and shares insights from patient partners, community members, and experts. Our guests bring diverse backgrounds to the table, sharing their knowledge and experiences around an upstream approach to health.

Episode 6: Dr. Graham Watt, Dr. Tiffany Lee, Dr. Mélanie Ann Smithman, and Dr. Ginetta Salvalaggio

What happens when a group of primary health care providers come together to serve socio-economically deprived populations in Canada? In this episode, we want to introduce Primary Care at the Deep End Canada, a network of health practitioners that aims to improve the collection and use of social data to address social determinants of health at the individual, clinic, and policy levels.

Episode 5: Dr. Thiago Trindade and Dr. Andrew Pinto

Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) is Brazil’s free and universal healthcare system. With over a decade of experience as a family physician in Brazil, our speaker explains the strengths and challenges of this publicly funded healthcare system, the rationale for integrating health and social care, and models of interventions focused on the social determinants of health.

Episode 4: Sophia Ilyniak and Ricardo Tranjan

Our speakers discuss the myths about renters, landlords and housing affordability, share how researchers, academics and public policy professionals can support advocates and movements to solve the housing crisis, and define ways we can change the landscape of conducting homelessness research.

Episode 3: Dr. Arvin Garg, Dr. Kate Mulligan, and Dr. Ritika Goel

Virchow famously said, “Medicine is a social science and politics is nothing else but medicine on a large scale”, but are there things we should consider when healthcare gets involved with social issues? We invited speakers from Canada and the USA to help you understand all sides of this question, discussing the context and considerations surrounding the medicalization of social determinants of health.

Episode 2: Dr. Ashti Doobay-Persaud, Dr. David Blane, and Dr. Andrew Pinto

Professors, who are also physicians, share their experiences teaching the social determinants of health in Canada, USA, and Scotland.

Episode 1: Alexander Zsager and Dr. Mathieu Isabel

A community advisor with lived experience and a family physician share stories and realities of engaging with people experiencing homelessness in clinical work and research.

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