Mélanie Ann Smithman




Mélanie Ann is a postdoctoral fellow at the Upstream Lab. She is involved in planning the implementation, spread and scale of the SPARK tool (screening for social determinants of health) in primary care and pharmacies across Canada. She also led a rapid assessment on scaling-up patient-reported measures in primary care in Ontario Health Teams. Mélanie Ann collaborated on a systematic review of the healthcare impacts of interventions to collect and address social determinants of health in healthcare settings and different projects aiming to improve primary care access and equity. She is trained in public health, health services research, primary care research, implementation science and practice, quality improvement and Lean methodologies. Mélanie Ann has expertise in scaling-up primary care innovations, rapid research methodologies, group facilitation and deliberative methods, which she applies to projects within and beyond the Upstream Lab, to help improve primary care service delivery and policy in Canada.