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The Upstream Lab is a non-profit research lab based at MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are dedicated to improving health and well-being of the population through addressing issues related to social determinants of health.

Who We Are

What are the social determinants of health?

According to WHO, social determinants of health (SDOH) are non-medical factors that have an influence on our health, particularly the social and economic conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live and age. Some examples include income and social status, job insecurity, food insecurity, and education. SDOH also includes the wider system that can foster health inequity, such as discriminative policies and social norms, and historical trauma.

Our Research Streams

Integrating Health and Social Care

Interventions addressing social needs of individuals in healthcare settings.

Population Health Management

Interventions addressing social needs at community and policy levels.

Data to Enable a Learning Health System

Leveraging data and technology to improve the health systems.

Our Collaborators

Community Members

Our lab works with many incredible and diverse individuals who provided valuable insights on our projects. Get to know some of our wonderful community members.

At the Upstream Lab, our research is driven by the desire to promote health equity and address social determinants of health. Interested in joining our team? Learn more:

We are currently looking for a Full-time Research #Pharmacist to support CanTreatCOVID, a national adaptive platform trial to evaluate out-patient therapeutics for COVID. Learn more:

Upstream Lab Scientist Dr. Benita Hosseini received funding to study the effectiveness of antioxidant therapy for COVID-19 treatment.

Registration for virtual attendance at the APT Scientific Meeting is now open! Join us to learn about adaptive platform trials: concept and advantages over RCTs, methods, and solutions to practical challenges. Register by Sept. 20:

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