Marjeiry Robinson

Advisory Members/Patient Partners


Marjeiry Robinson is a retired medical lab technician who worked at St. Michael’s Hospital for 23 years and also worked as a personal support worker at Princess Margaret Hospital and various agencies in the local communities for 4 years. Drawing from her experience as a patient who has been a 30-year breast cancer survivor & thriver, as well as her experience as a family caregiver, Marjeiry supports the SPARK project through her role as a Patient Partner. She is drawn to SPARK because it offers the opportunity to lend her expertise to research that addresses the social determinants of health in diverse communities.

As a patient and a family caregiver who has navigated the healthcare system, I see firsthand the importance of effective data collection and data sharing for high-quality care. The social needs screening tool developed by SPARK will allow healthcare providers to obtain a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s background and support collaborative care. The second phase of SPARK will also help link patients to relevant resources to address their social needs, which in turn, improve patient experience in primary care and reduce the overall cost of the healthcare system. I have enjoyed working with the research team at the Upstream Lab –  my opinions and suggestions are always heard and resolutions are reached through meaningful discussions. Together, we can let the SPARK fly for a healthier Canada!