Lynn Thompson

Advisory Members/Patient Partners


My given name is Muskikiiway and my government name is Lynn Thompson. Lynn is from Treaty 4, Pine Creek First Nations, and has lived & worked in Saskatoon for the last 21 years. During these years here Lynn has been able to educate, protest, advocate and be an activist & a voice for First Nations HIV-positive & Sixty Scoop people in Saskatchewan that are struggling to navigate the health system in Canada.


I wanted to be a part of fixing our broken health care system for First Nations people in Canada. SPARK has allowed me to educate on our Traditional Medicines and Ways of Being and bring in our knowledge as First Nations peoples of Canada. We have continued to survive because of deeply grounding teachings & understanding of our lands and plants that we have used and maintained long before Western Medicine appeared. I thank the SPARK Team for listening and honoring our Stolen & Unceded lands & Territories of Kanada.