Jane Cooney

Advisory Members/Patient Partners


Jane Cooney is a retired Toronto business owner who worked in the international information and book industry for nearly 50 years.  She is currently the Co-Chair of the Academic Family Health Team’s Patient and Family Advisory Council at St. Michael’s Hospital.  She has worked as a volunteer in the Ontario health care world as a hospital board member, as a participant in a number of cancer-related research studies, and as a family care giver. Jane has also been a patient representative on the SPARK team since its inception more than 5 years ago.

Working with the team at the Upstream Lab has been an education and a revelation about the vital importance of addressing the socio-economic aspects of health care and finding solutions to the inequities currently in the system.  Dr. Andrew Pinto and the team are on a continuous mission to accomplish this and I am privileged to be able to contribute my thoughts to the process.