addressInG iNcome securIty in primary carE (IGNITE)

Integrating Health & Social Care
Income, Poverty, Primary Care, Social Needs Screening
September 2017 - March 2022 | Funders: Ministry of Health and Long-Term (administered through the Alternative Funding Plan Innovation Funds); TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund, Prosper Canada, PSI Foundation | Partners: St. Michael's Academic FHT


The Income Security Health Promotion (ISHP) service is a novel intervention at St. Michael’s Hospital Academic Family Health Team to address poverty as a key social determinant of health. A previous study has found that this service is acceptable and feasible within this primary care organization, which serves a large number of people living on low income. This RCT aims to evaluate the impact of an ISHP service based in a primary care setting on income at 6 months and the short and long term impact on financial literacy, mental health, and quality of life.


We currently lack evidence-based interventions to address the social determinants of health. If the ISHP service results in improved income and health outcomes, it could be replicated in other health and social organization, tailored to different settings across Canada and internationally.

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  • SMH ISHP Committee (an internal clinic group comprised of SMH income securitysealth promoters, social workers,clinic leads, and researchers)
  • Income and Health Advisory Group (a community group comprised of patients, researchers, and community members

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