Setting the stage for coordinated anti-racism interventions at St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto

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Anti-racism, Healthcare Interventions


Racism is a persistent problem in the Canadian healthcare system, with experiences of prejudice and discrimination contributing to poor outcomes and distrust in health authorities. By conducting interviews and facilitating focus groups, we will examine the perspectives of patients and health providers working in primary care, emergency care, and in-patient settings on ways to address racial discrimination and systemic racism in healthcare. By facilitating co-design sessions, we will engage patients, health providers and staff in joint work to develop potential anti-racism interventions that can be implemented locally in separate departments and in coordination across an academic health science centre.


This project aims to advance coordinated anti-racism interventions across primary care, emergency medicine, and in-patient care through a co-design process. We expect to gain a deeper understanding on the prevalence of racial discrimination and systemic racism in healthcare and potential solutions and find tailored interventions accordingly. Our findings will inform efforts to address the issue of racism locally and at other Canadian health centers.

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