Data on disabilities to support accountability around access to health services: a jurisdictional scan

Data to Enable a Learning Health System
In Progress
Data collection, Healthcare Interventions, Mental Disability, Patient-Reported Outcomes, Policy, Policy advocacy, Proactive Intervention
February 2023 – June 2023 | Funders: Ministry of Health


Data collection on disability can potentially be utilized to identify patient needs and barriers to care, and inform how healthcare organizations design and deliver services to people with disabilities. However, the extent to which healthcare organizations collect and utilize this data in the first place requires further investigation. This project aims to identify health care organizations in Canada, US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand that

  • Collect data on disabilities in a standardized manner and
  • Use this information to identify inequities, and/or inform the design and delivery of accessible health care services.


Findings will be used to produce a report to provide Canadian policymakers and health care organizations with examples and recommendations on how to utilize disability data collection to improve access to care and quality of care for people with disabilities.

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