Ethical considerations for population and global health

Population Health Management
Health Ethics
November 2010 - January 2013


Dr. Andrew Pinto and the Upstream Lab have conducted various research focused on integrating health and social care, population health management and using data to enable Learning Health Systems. These are areas that intersect with the politics of global health governance, ethical challenges and population safety. Accompanied by our objective to advance health and healthcare delivery by being a catalyst of change through our work, we recognize that research ethics is a key facet of research. Without ethical considerations, the research, people, society, and the environment could suffer.



Acknowledging that ethics is a crucial aspect of research aid in guiding the approach for future global health research work, informing policy on global health engagement, assisting researchers in moving towards a more critical view of global health practice, and developing social justice and solidarity as key principles to guide researchers. Dr. Andrew Pinto has authored, co-authored and edited two academic papers and one textbook, all of which have been published, on these topics that highlight research ethics.

The analysis presented in the Denaturalizing “natural” disasters article accentuates the significance of respecting history and seeing the connection between historic actions and present conditions. The Agent Vector Model article describes how the agent-vector-host-environment model can assist in identifying potential control points and in developing mitigation strategies. The Global Health Ethics textbook covers the theory and practice of global health ethics by looking at definitions of global health and the field’s historical context.

Team Members

  • Andrew Pinto (Author, Denaturalizing "Natural" Disasters; Co-author, An Agent-Vector Model; Editor, Global Health Ethics textbook)
  • Malika Sharma (Co-author, An Agent-Vector Model article)
  • Robert Muggah (Co-author, An Agent-Vector Model article)
  • Ross E.G. Upshur (Editor, Global Health Ethics textbook)

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