People experiencing homelessness have a heightened need for heart disease management given their unstable living environment and challenges in accessing care. We must put heart disease management in the context of their larger competing priorities. This work aims to develop a new care management program for people experiencing homelessness in Toronto that meets them where they are at. We will interview both patients with lived experience and care providers about their experiences managing heart disease, conduct a photovoice exhibit, and have co-design sessions and usability testing of the new program.


We will use a challenging yet rewarding community-based research approach and ensure every step of the research process is being decided on together and is meaningful for the community. This program may help in management of other chronic diseases in people experiencing homelessness.

Team Members

Advisory Members

  • Alexander Zsager (Peer Researcher)
  • Paul Mattless (Peer Researcher)
  • Althea Galloway (Peer Researcher)

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