A comparison of the COVID-19 response for urban underserved patients experiencing healthcare transitions in three Canadian cities

The COVID-19 pandemic and response has highlighted existing strengths within the system of care for urban underserved populations, but also many fault lines, in particular during care transitions. The objectives of this study were to describe COVID-19 response policies for urban underserved populations in three Canadian cities; examine how these policies impact continuity of care for urban underserved populations; determine whether and how urban underserved community members were engaged in policy processes; and develop policy and operational recommendations for optimizing continuity of care for urban underserved populations during public health crises.



Authors: Ginetta Salvalaggio, Elaine Hyshka, Cara Brown, Andrew D Pinto, Gayle Halas, Lee Green, Brynn Kosteniuk, Melissa Perri, Nathaniel Le Chalifoux, Garrett Halas, Liane Steiner, Teresa Cavett, Stephanie Montesanti 

Year: 2022