Exploring the pharmacist’s role in supporting newcomer international students and their families with the transition to the Canadian healthcare system including medication use: Protocol for a qualitative study

Newcomers to Canada including international students and their families, encounter barriers when accessing healthcare services. Pharmacists, due to their expanding roles and community presence, can be a vital health resource for newcomers.

This study will explore the experiences of newcomer international students transitioning to the Canadian healthcare system. Specifically, it will examine the challenges they face in managing their health conditions and navigating the complexities of prescribed and over-the-counter medications. The researchers will conduct interviews with international students with diverse experiences with the healthcare system.

The results will provide insights into approaches for delivering tailored pharmaceutical services to this population, addressing their healthcare needs when transitioning to the Canadian healthcare system and reducing inequities.



Authors: Yasmin H. Aboelzahab, Andrew D. Pinto, Lisa McCarthy, Lisa Dolovich

Year: 2024