Profiles of Public Health Systems in Canada: Nova Scotia

As Canada deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest public health challenges of our time, the need to strengthen public health systems has never been greater. Strong public health (PH) systems are vital to ensuring health system sustainability, improving population health and health equity, and preparing for and responding to current and future crises. There are considerable variations across provinces and territories in how public health is organized, governed and financed, as well as in how public heath systems have been reformed and restructured in recent years. This report builds upon prior reports and describes Nova Scotia’s current public health system, including its organization, governance, financing, and workforce. It is part of a series of 13 public health system profiles that provide foundational knowledge on the similarities and differences in the structures of public health systems across provinces and territories. In addition summarizing what is known, these profiles also draw attention to variations and gaps to inform future priorities. This series will serve as a reference for public health professionals, researchers, students, and decision makers seeking to strengthen public health infrastructure in Canada.


Nova Scotia Profile

Public Health Systems in Canada


Authors: Robert W. Smith, Sara Allin, Kathy Luu, Anson Cheung, Madeleine Thomas, Joyce Li, Andrew Pinto, Laura Rosella

Year: 2022