Public Health System Financing in British Columbia

This study looked at what affects public health funding in Canada, focusing on how budgets are set in British Columbia (BC). We had two goals: 1) to describe how public health budgets are decided in BC, and 2) to find out what influences resource allocation. We reviewed 20 years of public health financing in BC (processes, trends and contextual influences) and interviewed 14 key informants involved in budget decisions. We analyzed the information from these sources to understand the political, structural, and external factors that impact public health funding. We found that involving public health experts in financial decisions and building stronger partnerships with external public health organizations could help create more stable public health funding.


Authors: Mélanie Seabrook, Mehdi Ammi, Ak'ingabe Guyon, Andrew Pinto, Hannah Wotherspoon, Sara Allin

Year: 2024