Health AI Resources

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A hub to connect experts, learners and innovative thinkers with a focus on innovative technologies in primary care.

Bringing together patients, healthcare providers, system leaders and academics across Canada, the DEEP Network aims to set the direction for AI in primary care and help catalyze research in this area.

Data Sciences Institute (DSI), University of Toronto

DSI is a multidisciplinary hub for data science that facilitates research connections, fosters innovation and enhances teaching and learning.

T-CAIREM seeks to establish world-class educational programs in AI in medicine, fund collaborative, interdisciplinary research, and host a secure data platform for applied AI learning and research.

LKS-CHART is a service-based healthcare data analytics group at St. Michael’s Hospital, focused on using hospital data and advanced analytics to help better clinical decision-making, increase hospital efficiencies, and improve patient care.

The Institute integrates world-class research across sectors and disciplines to deepen understanding of how AI can serve the common good and contribute to a more inclusive world.

The Vector Institute is a leader in AI research, especially machine and deep learning, working with various institutions, industries, start-ups, and accelerators to advance AI and drive its application, adoption and commercialization in Canada.

Amii is another prominent centre of AI, focused on advancing machine learning and AI research excellence, as well as collaborating with companies to implement applied AI.

Mila, Montreal

Partnered with academic institutions and industry, Mila is internationally recognized for its contributions to machine learning.