Aaron Switzer-Rodriguez

BA (Hons)



Aaron joined the Upstream Lab in December 2023 as a Research Admin Assistant. His responsibilities span both research and administrative functions, with a specific focus on collaboration with Dr. Andrew Pinto and the CanTreatCOVID research study team.

He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto where he double majored in Health and Critical Studies in Equity & Solidarity. His academic foundation showcases a profound commitment to health equity, social justice, research, and public health as a whole. The lab’s dedication to addressing social determinants of health resonated with Aaron, aligning with his keen interest in understanding how social, historical, political, and economic factors shape population health and social inequity in local and transnational contexts.

Before joining, Aaron had years of experience in operations, administration, and applied research in public health. These skills now serve as the cornerstone of his contributions to the dynamic environment of the Upstream Lab.