Safeguarding Budgets to Strengthen Public Health Systems

Population Health Management
In Progress
Healthcare Funding, Public Health
November 2021 - January 2023


Canada’s Public Health systems have long been subject to the “Boom & Bust” cycle of crisis-induced investments followed by sustained budget cuts. As a result, they were severely underprepared and under-resourced in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This study will examine policy strategies for maintaining Public Health funding over time. A literature review will examine the key factors influencing Public Health financing. It will inform in-depth case studies of countries that have successfully maintained Public Health budgets over time, including interviews with experts in Public Health financing. Findings from this study will inform future policy to safeguard Public Health funding in Canada and around the world.


Many countries struggle to fund their Public Health systems sustainably. This analysis aims to outline lessons from successful Public Health financing. Safeguarding Public Health budgets for the future will allow Canada to be more prepared for the next health crisis. And just as importantly, Public Health systems will better be able to fulfill their health prevention and promotion mandates, resulting in significantly healthier populations over time.