A case study of global health at the university: implications for research and action

This case study sought to explore ongoing challenges in managing global health at a large, research-intensive university. The authors hypothesized that how global health is organized influences the research and action of academics, their ability and interest in collaboration internally, and the formation of external partnerships. To test their hypothesis, they conducted this case study and assembled a research team comprised of six faculty members from different disciplines (family medicine, public health, health promotion, nursing, international law/human rights, and ethics) at different stages of their careers. To explore how the organization of global health at the university influenced academics’ research and action, key informant interviews were conducted.



Authors: Pinto AD, Cole DC, ter Kuile A, Forman L, Rouleau K, Philpott J, Pakes B, Jackson S, Muntaner C.

Year: 2014