U of T Podcast: What Now? AI – Innovation for Good

April 19, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has been a hot topic recently, from ethical concerns to possible patient care improvements.

In the early stages of studying AI, the Upstream Lab engaged with patients, health professionals, and health system leaders to understand their priorities. They suggested applying AI to documentation such as charting and managing referrals, practice operations, and triage. But there is a lot to unpack when it comes to the roles of AI in healthcare.

Dr. Andrew Pinto discusses the potential of AI to improve primary care in this third episode of the What Now? AI podcast. He shares innovative AI projects at the Upstream Lab in collaboration with patient partners, community members, and multidisciplinary professionals. As AI continues to evolve within healthcare, Dr. Pinto emphasizes the importance of ensuring regulations are in place to assess bias and reduce health inequities.

Hosted by Beth Coleman and Rahul Krishnan, this episode also features Dr. Christine Allen from U of T’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy discussing the use of AI in drug development.

Listen to What Now? AI on all major podcast platforms. To read more about the podcast episode, visit U of T News.

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